With a great mellow voice, big heart varmth and charm, steve Cameron take his audience by storm

Steve, who is the son of gospel singer Etta Cameron, has managed to continue a strong and passionate tradition of gospel in his own way, he manages to give the audience a warm and full of energy experience.

Steve Cameron does not have its musical tradition from strangers, as he has toured for twenty years with his mother Etta Cameron. And in the role of choirmaster four gospel choir, he has spread his experience and dedication for music to his students as Laura from X-Factor and Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria de Forest.

Next to gospel music, Steve has appeared on numerous CDs including Hanne Boel, Lars H.u.g. and Big Fat Snake, as soul / blues also have a special place in his heart. This has also led to Steve formed the band B # Sharp, which plays on many different occasions.

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